Natural Rubber Processing Machinery

"CLIMA has been the specialist in Natural Rubber Processing line (SMR/TSR) for more than 20 years now. Our company has a wide-range of core business activities that fueled by our experienced, success-oriented and expertieses of professionals."
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All the data are base on our 30 natrual rubber processing plant and are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirements.

Belt Conveyor Machine The mechanical stepless speed reducer drives the wheel and makes it rotate through a pair of sprockets having the same teeth number and a chain which makes the belt move. Belt Conveyor Machine is essentially being used to transfer the coagulum blankets from on machine to the other,conventional conveying system concept for the modern rubber processing industry.

Bucket Elevator is mainly use to feed cup lump to Slab Cutters, Prebreakers, and Crepers. Each Bucket Elevator are delivered complete with its stand and all necessary attachments.

Filling Station c/w Screen is essential and required to separate the wet crumb from the water which carries the rubber from the shredder trough, separated the wet crumb into the Crumb distributor ad finally to the dryer trolley.

Stainless Steel Pump Make use of the high-power motor to drive the impeller in worm-shaped chassis through the pulley, design specifically for pumping large or random size particle solids and fibrous materials in liquid suspension, inhaling rubber block and output.This Vortex Pump eliminates clogign problems encountered with other conventional centrifugal pumps.


Mobile Coagulum Crusher Machine is the latest designed Crusher for efficient first stage pre-cleaning and size reduction of bulky coagulated field latex from about 12? - 15?(300 ?380mm) width thick to about merely 3?(75mm) thickness after a single passage through this Crusher. This machine is solely being used in the first stage of High Grade (Latex Grade) Processing Line.

Single Single Scroll Dry Process Prebreaker Machine is designed for the manufacture of General Purposes (GP) Rubber, Constant Viscosity (CV) Rubber, Oil Extended Natural Rubber (OENR), reprocess of High Volatile Matter (V.M) Rubber, the production of other special grades of value added Rubber blending with chemical or oil.

BLENDING TANK PADDLE STIRRER isUse in removing the sand and dirt from rubber and pushes the rubber crumbs forward in the transition water .Run the water and rubber crumbs in the tank by the two stirring shafts which placed parallel, equipped with strring blades and counter rotate the same speed.